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Aerial Surveys Invests in Latest LiDAR Technology

Aerial Surveys has recently commissioned an Orion H300 LiDAR system from Optech offering vastly more capability and efficiency in the capture of LiDAR data.

The H300 adds high-altitude capability and offers multi-pulse technology, sensor roll compensation for nadir-focused data collection, solid state disk drives, and an effective ground sampling rate of 300 kHz at any scan field of view (FOV). The Orion H300 delivers high-density point cloud data with what Optech believes is industry-leading data precision and accuracy.

Incorporating the latest in narrow-pulse-width lasers and advanced timing electronics, the Orion H300 provides clients with outstanding data quality via high precision and accuracy to all target surfaces, while maintaining enhanced small target detectability at high altitudes. Other enhancements include increased scan frequencies for improved point distribution, full compatibility with the latest Optech IWD-2 12-bit Intelligent Waveform Digitizer, and compatibility with Optech’s multi-station sensor platforms.


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