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About Aerial Surveys

Company Evolution

Established in 1979, Aerial Surveys Ltd (formerly known as GeoSmart) is New Zealand’s leading aerial survey and geospatial mapping provider.  Aerial Surveys took over Aero Surveys Nelson in 1976, a company that originated in the 1960s capturing airborne imagery mainly in the farming industry.  Today we are a modern progressive business with a passion for technology and service.  

Our services have evolved from traditional film based photography and mapping with large photographic laboratories to the modern digital world of remote sensing and advanced, more automated photogrammetric mapping.


How we capture is also changing with the adoption of drones for smaller scale projects. 


Through the delivery of quality geospatial information we are committed to helping our clients make more informed decisions.


With our commitment to outstanding service and technological excellence, it is our vision to be New Zealand's leading and most innovative aerial survey and mapping service provider.  We continue to introduce modern, world class technologies to meet the fast evolving needs of clients and achieve this through direct investment and developing partnerships with other operators around the world.  In this way we can ensure New Zealand enjoys the benefits of the latest, most efficient and capable technologies available.

Our Focus

As a New Zealand focused company we value our relationships with all clients and partners as these are essential to achieving our vision.  The majority of our clients are in New Zealand and we regularly perform projects for local, regional and central government agencies as well as utilities, infrastructure, forestry, engineering, agricultural and environmental clients.

We also provide airborne survey services to offshore clients seeking the collection of geospatial information in New Zealand and we aim to ensure their experience with us is professional and enjoyable. 


We bring a depth of local knowledge and experience unrivalled in New Zealand

A New Zealand Company with World Reach

Keeping current with the latest advanced technologies


Aerial Surveys has been operating in New Zealand for over 40 years.  This rich history and experience is an essential part of our business especially in the project design, planning airborne capture of data.

New Zealand has highly changeable weather systems combined with very diverse topography and experience in this environment is what we offer.

Our flight operations base is in Nelson providing optimal access to anywhere in New Zealand within 2½ hours flying time.


Aerial Surveys has continued to be a pioneer in airborne surveying and mapping, continually bringing new technologies and solutions to the New Zealand market.  As a company we were the first company in New Zealand to introduce digital 3D photogrammetry and lead the market in higher performance digital production with Intergraph ImageStations.  This was in 1993 and was quickly followed by the deployment of the first Forward Motion Compensating (FMC) camera for higher quality aerial photography, the LMK1000 film camera.


Today we continue to lead with world class technologies in New Zealand including the world leading LiDAR sensor, PhaseOne digital camera and drones.  


Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today, without adversely impacting on the needs of tomorrow

At Aerial Surveys we are committed to implementing technologies, practices, procedures and policies that seek to minimise our environmental impact both now and for future generations while delivering a profitable outcome to sustain our team in the long term

The geospatial products we deliver provide material benefits for our environment, government and communities by enabling decision makers working in these areas

Fast Response for Disaster Management

Priority response and fast turnaround of crucial data

Our Sales Team


High Accuracy and Density Point Cloud Data

Ideal for flood modelling, change detection and accurate classification

Our Technology

We use a variety of modern remote sensing technologies including:


Digital camera and image processing technology from Vexcel Imaging which includes simultaneous RGB/IR capture, solid state storage systems integrated with the camera systems and automated workflows for image processing and aerial triangulation

World leading LiDAR sensor technology from Teledyne Optech designed for optimum capture efficiency and delivery of high quality products

We continue to grow partnerships around the world to ensure that we can offer the most current and suitable technology in New Zealand.


Aerial Surveys has three fully operational aircraft all with large format camera hatch modifications including:


Cessna 402 twin-engine, fully instrumented aircraft with long range and high altitude flight capability

Cessna 206 turbo charged aircraft with long range flight capability 


Partenavia P68B twin engine aircraft


We have access to a variety of other fixed wing aircraft including another Cessna 402 and helicopter platforms when required.

We've now adopted the use of various drone platforms for smaller scale capture.


Our core sensors include:


Vexcel UltraCam mapping cameras with forward motion compensation in four bands RGBI

Teledyne Optech Galaxy PRIME LiDAR sensor with the PhaseOne 150 MP digital camera for simultaneous RGB ortho imagery

We have access to other technologies including 3D mapping cameras and hyperspectral sensors for specific projects as required 

Coastal Erosion Monitoring 

Helping take care of our beautiful environment

Technical Brochures

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