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New Teledyne Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR Sensor

Aerial Surveys is very excited to announce the arrival of a new Teledyne Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR system with a PhaseOne IXM RS150mp digital camera for deployment in New Zealand. This investment is key to supporting the growth of LiDAR in New Zealand especially regional LiDAR programs and high density point cloud projects such as powerlines and forestry projects.

This is the first Galaxy Prime system to be deployed permanently in Australasia and is on the leading edge of LiDAR system technology and efficiency.


The new sensor arrived in Nelson on 17 January 2019 and was soon unpacked in preparation for commissioning which was in progress for the last week of January. Calibration and boresight flights were all successfully completed and the first part of user training was completed. Chris from Optech was great with the team.


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