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Success in Vexcel 'UltraCam Moment' Competition

Aerial Surveys recently submitted eight images into the Vexcel “UltraCam Moment” competition, three of which were selected as being among twelve of the very best submissions worldwide. These images will be appearing on Vexcel’s next corporate gift calendar and other marketing activities.

This is a was a world wide competition with around 100 images being submitted and Aerial Surveys is very proud to have three images in the top twelve. The New Zealand scenery is certainly up there with the best in the world as is our imagery.

Aerial Survey's Winning Images

If you would like a print of any these images get in contact with us on 0800 500 357 OR

Phone: (03) 547 0044 Fax: (03) 547 0088 Email:

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Sep 04, 2021


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