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GeoSmart Brand and SmartMaps Division Sold

Aerial Surveys, formerly GeoSmart, recently sold the GeoSmart brand along with the SmartMaps, the digital mapping division within the company incorporating cartography, car navigation map data, web mapping and fleet management systems mapping data.

SmartMaps was created several years ago when former CEO Phil Allen, identified a number of emerging market opportunities that were a natural extension of the aerial survey and cartography operations and began developing what is now a renowned quality drivable map set of New Zealand.

Steve Laming, previously the CFO of GeoSmart has been appointed General Manager for Aerial Surveys while the company has retained the technical expertise of Phil Allen who continues as a Director of the Company. Phil provides a level of technical expertise that ensures the business continues to provide innovative, quality solutions to the market.

“This is an exciting time for Aerial Surveys as there is total focus on the aerial survey market with new opportunities arising from biosecurity and environmental issues” says Steve Laming who has been acting GM of SmartPhotos for the last twelve months. “We also see large potential for our SmartForests products and services which are attracting overseas interest”.

Simultaneously with the sale of GeoSmart was the exit as equity partners of the venture investment funds, Endeavour ICap and TMT Ventures who invested in GeoSmart in 2003.

The company was formerly called Air Logistics until it was re-branded in 2003 with the evolution of the SmartMaps division.


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