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Bringing New Zealand to Life in 3D 

See New Zealand's stunning and diverse geology like never seen before. GeoSmart3D brings high accuracy, high definition aerial imagery to life by generating a next level 3D model. 


Current 3D mesh products in the market are either specifically for large urban environments or based on ortho imagery stretched over a terrain models. The result is  a low accuracy 3D model with stretching along steep surfaces, flat buildings and bush areas. These products are often of limited value for inspecting or understanding of the environment or terrain they are trying to show. 


GeoSmart produce the highest quality 3D Mesh by combining Aerial Surveys raw image frames and LiDAR to provide high accuracy and mitigate image stretching. GeoSmart3D will be a hosted subscription based service that focuses on rural landscapes not well covered by current 3D products. We also have the ability to 3D model historic imagery from our library to identify change. 

3D modelling allows people to view and analyze landscapes like never before. 3D views add depth and detail to remote places. Use cases include: 

  • Site planning 

  • Project visualisation 

  • Tourism fly throughs 

  • Emergency planning 

  • Site safety inspections 

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