Aerial Photography

Aerial Surveys offers aerial photography and mapping services over all of New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific.  We have offices in Auckland and Nelson with the flight operations base in Nelson which provides optimal access to anywhere in New Zealand within 2½ hours flying time.

Aerial Surveys has four fully operational aircraft in operation including two Cessna 402 twin-engine, fully instrumented aircraft with long range flight capability, a Cessna 206 turbo charged aircraft and a Partenavia P68B twin engine aircraft.  In addition we have access to a variety of other fixed wing aircraft and helicopter services when required.



After many successful years of deploying large format analogue cameras, Aerial Surveys commissioned a new Vexcel UltraCam digital mapping camera in 2009, and in 2014 introduced the first Vexcel Ultracam Eagle camera system offering the largest footprint in the Vexcel mapping camera range.  Both camera systems include integrated solid state hard drive storage systems providing incredibly robust and reliable platforms for aerial capture as well as other key features such as forward motion compensation, simultaneous NIR capture and superior radiometric qualities.

There are a multitude of other benefits stemming from the new UltraCam camera systems and for more specific details on this please refer to the camera specification brochures on the home page or contact us directly on

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Vertical Imagery

Digital colour and CIR vertical photography and stereo 3d mapping and ortho imagery production.  This photography is generally used for planning, resource/asset management and 3d mapping (digital terrain modeling and contour generation).

Oblique Imagery

Oblique imagery is often a requirement from customers to support the ortho imagery they have or seek to acquire.  Capturing oblique imagery has evolved in recent years with the introduction of various multi-lens system camera systems capturing both vertical and oblique imagery at the same time.  Aerial Surveys has conducted a number of projects in New Zealand using the MIDAS 3D camera system as well as other 3D mapping cameras specifically designed and supplied by our clients.  Please contact us on for any information relating to 3D imagery capture and modelling.

Historical Image Library

Aerial Surveys holds an extensive photographic library having been in operation for over 35 years in New Zealand.  This imagery continues to be a valuable resource for our customers especially when looking at changes over time to the environment.  We have a significant library of imagery from the various regional programs we conducted in the 1990’s which is particularly useful for pre-1990 forest mapping and verification

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