As a provider of spatial imagery and data we can offer various solutions for different industries.  The advancement of AI and machine learning in conjunction with more advanced technology such as our Galaxy Prime LiDAR sensor is introducing some new and interesting solutions as well.

    Some of the applications we can offer:

    • Biosecurity. Aerial photography, remote sensing, mapping as well as our Points of Interest (POI) databases allow you to use disparate systems and databases to come up with quality information. Often things become apparent much more quickly and easily when viewed spatially. This can make a huge difference when things go wrong.
    • Corridor mapping using LiDAR and imagery to map critical pipelines, communication networks of infrastructure.¬† This includes change detection and mapping for monitoring potential threats to key assets.
    • Powerline vegetation encroachment mapping using high density LiDAR with imagery.
    • Forest Mapping ¬†including tree counting using LiDAR or imagery, data to support biomass computations and forest growth, and forest health detection.
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