Photogrammetric Mapping

Aerial Surveys uses the leading digital photogrammetric systems from Intergraph Corporation to undertake all of our 3d and 2d digital mapping work.


By utilising 3d stereo viewing, 3 dimensional computer models can be built to generate accurate three dimensional surface data.  We offer advanced accurate mapping services and our our processes include:

  • Aerial photography
  • Photogrammetric scanning
  • Digital aerial triangulation
  • Automated and manual photogrammetric processes using digital photogrammetric workstations
  • Conversion to final GIS formats for delivery
  • Digital plotting

The main deliverables from these systems include:

Digital Terrain Models (DTM’s)

Digital terrain models are XYZ points that describe the ground surface and can be triangulated to create shaded relief models and to generate contours.


Contours are generated from a DTM and a set of breaklines (lines to define a change of grade) which are captured to an accuracy of better than or equal to half of the proposed finished contour interval.

Topographical Data

Aerial Surveys undertakes all 2d/3d digital topographical feature mapping directly into a GIS environment which automatically manages topology rules to guarantee quality.

From this data capture, a range of products can be supplied such as:

  • GIS datasets
  • Topographical landbases
  • 3d feature modelling
  • Topographical mapsCartographic maps
  • Customised mapping

Orthophotos (true-to-scale digital imagery)

This is the process of making an aerial photography spatially correct by removing lens distortion, aircraft tip and tilt and terrain distortion from the imagery.

These products are suitable for anyone involved in land management, farm management, resource consent, concept plan development, engineering design and 3d landscape visualisations.

Data Available

Aerial Surveys holds a significant amount of suitable stereo photography to undertake the above deliverables and existing mapping data that is available for purchase. Please make enquires for available data at the “Enquiry for new or existing aerial photography or mapping data” page.

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