Aerial Surveys offers airborne hyperspectral surveys using the latest Aisa-Fenix sensor from SPECIM.

Fenix1K_v4_300ppi          DSC_0748           DSC_0741

Aisa-Fenix Sensor                   Sensor mounted in a Cessna 206 Aircraft

This offers a very powerful tool for detecting, differentiating, quantifying and monitoring all kinds of objects and targets.  Hyperspectral sensors are passive sensors that record numerous wavelengths of light at the same time for every pixel captured creating a “data cube” of information.  Different objects will generate different spectral signatures based on the various wavelengths of light that they reflect or absorb and it is these signatures that enable the identification and monitoring of different objects.

Hyperspectral surveys are typically used in areas such as:

  • pasture management for yield and fertilisation planning
  • identification of different species of vegetation and land cover
  • vegetation or forest health monitoring including nutrient deficiency detection
  • identification of specific vegetation/forestry diseases and pests
  • detection of suspended materials and chemicals in waterways
  • identification of soil types
  • identification of surface minerals
  • monitoring and mapping of environmental contamination including water
  • viticulture yield management

Mt Taranaki mineral map 2014

Pasture analysis map 2015

Pasture analysis map 2015











The exciting part of this technology is that due to the high number of separate spectral bands collected for each pixel on a survey, the data can be “mined” for different applications all from a single flight.

For more information please contact us at info@aerialsurveys.co.nz.

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