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    Aerial Ortho Photography

    Photogrammetry and Mapping

    Airborne LiDAR

    Other Services

    Digital ortho imagery (high accuracy and GIS ready) with full colour balancing and feather mosaicking for seamless imagery tile production Topographic/feature mapping from digital imagery (vegetation polygons, buildings, hydrology, roads etc.) Unclassified and classified point cloud data to varying levels of accuracy Airborne Hyperspectral surveys for detailed image analysis (using an AisaFENIX sensor)
    True ortho imagery – no lean of above ground features Quality contour production with detailed break-line capture for higher accuracy High accuracy digital elevation models and digital surface models Flying and capture services for alternative technologies including 3D imagery capture
    Digital terrain modelling, digital elevation modelling, digital surface modelling 3D mapping, slope and aspect mapping Advanced data classification and feature extraction such as building outlines from classified point cloud data 3D visualisations and simulation
    Quick response imagery and ortho photography production for emergency response Land use/change detection generating time series mapping Contour generation in various formats from engineering to cartographic styles Historical image library dating back over 40 years
    Line of Site – LOS mapping for telecommunications Intensity imagery and simultaneous RGB imagery capture Corridor/powerline capture and mapping for vegetation mapping and strategic planning
    Colourised, classified high density point cloud



    Aerial Surveys previously owned the renowned historical Whites Aviation library consisting of over 1,000,000 negatives covering many different facets of early New Zealand.  This magnificent library is now housed in the National Library in Wellington.


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