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Current Regional Imagery Now Available

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Aerial Surveys has been very busy in the last year capturing data over a number of regions in New Zealand and have collected significant imagery in that time. The imagery is captured simultaneously with LiDAR using our advanced Phase One 150MP digital camera. The imagery offers the ability to reference the latest imagery which is a valuable resource to have access to. The image quality does vary as the capture of LiDAR is the primary focus and hence sun angles will vary but it still provides great detail.

Regions we are working in include:

Bay of Plenty, Tasman, Marlborough, Canterbury, West Coast and Southland

Click on the brochure of the following link to see the latest coverage and use the links in the brochure to contact us with your requirements.

We can provide you with a photo index file of our capture which is being updated regularly and supply raw frames through to high quality ortho-rectified imagery depending on your needs.


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