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Aerial Surveys at ForestTECH 2015 Conference

Aerial Surveys will be attending the ForestTECH 2015 conference in Rotorua on 18 November where we will be joined by our partner in hyperspectral surveys, Massey University, to showcase this exciting technology.

Aerial Surveys and Massey University have joined forces to offer airborne hyperspectral services in New Zealand. This is the first and only full hyperspectral service in New Zealand and offers an exciting new technology that has yet to be fully exploited.

The current focus has been in the agricultural sector however this technology is well suited to helping manage many other environments and issues such as biosecurity, vegetation mapping and species identification, vegetation and forestry health, water quality etc.

To find out more about what this technology can achieve give us a call on 09 415 3101 for send us an email on

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