LiDAR Technician Wanted

    Friday, June 28th, 2019

    Aerial Surveys Limited is the leading remote sensing and mapping company in New Zealand.  We have been in the airborne surveying and mapping business for over 40 years with a strong history in innovation, product development and service delivery.  We operate some of the most advanced cameras and sensors available ensuring that we offer highly efficient solutions to a wide number of industries while delivering quality mapping products.

    As a result of the growth in demand for LiDAR in New Zealand a new position has been created for an experienced LiDAR technician to join the team.  This  will enable us to expand our in-house capacity in LiDAR processing and product development.  LiDAR is fast evolving both in terms of capability and in use by more industries which means that developing processes and products is vital to our future.

    Ideally you will have experience in working with LiDAR data as well as scripting skills to support development of automation in processing, product generation, and  product QA.  If this is of interest to you please get in touch.

    Technical Skills Required

    • Good understanding of surveying (principles, GPS/IMU processing, base stations etc.)
    • Ability to work with and analyse LiDAR data
    • Experience with LiDAR data (processing, or use thereof)
    • Scripting experience (Dos and Python)
    • Procedure development/documentation
    • A photogrammetric background would be highly advantageous
    • Experience in airborne survey would be highly advantageous

    Personal Attributes

    • Must be a team player with good and open communication skills
    • Methodical and accurate approach to work
    • A good analytical mind and a bent for technology
    • Good written and verbal skills with ability to document processes

    Key Responsibilities

    • Processing of LiDAR data to raw point cloud using various different applications
    • Assisting the planning and design of LiDAR surveys
    • Liaise with the manufacturer of the LiDAR sensor on processing issues arising from time to time and assisting in ensuring processing software is up to date and use is optimised
    • Preparation of scripts for post processing of data as well as for QA assessment of completed products
    • Conducting QA on LiDAR products before acceptance for delivery

    The role is based in Albany, Auckland where we have a great team and a friendly flexible work environment.

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