If you are wanting a location based application, look no further. We have the data and in many cases the tools that you need. If we don’t, we probably have partners who do.

    There are so many applications that can benefit from geospatial components and there is a popular misconception that this is a very expensive industry requiring highly skilled and expensive specialists. We have those specialists, but a lot of the time we engage them in breaking down the components into relevant chunks that you can mix and match to meet your needs.

    We support a huge range of environments including GIS, database, photography and much more. Some of the applications we cover include:

    • Biosecurity. Aerial photography, remote sensing, mapping as well as our Points of Interest (POI) databases allow you to use disparate systems and databases to come up with quality information. Often things become apparent much more quickly and easily when viewed spatially. This can make a huge difference when things go wrong.
    • Forest Mapping. We have a wide range of patented solutions for forest mapping which is a speciality. If you have needs in this industry, please ask.
    • Land Development. If you need mapping information, aerial photography or other spatial information, you should be talking to our specialists.
    • Property Information. We have a full database of property information which we process from the government monthly so that we can give you good up to date data for your projects or developments.
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