Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR sensor now ready for capture

    Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

    The new sensor arrived in Nelson on 17th January 2019 and was soon unpacked in preparation for commissioning which has been in progress for the last week.  Calibration and boresight flights have all been successfully completed and the first part of user training has been completed.  Chris from Optech has been great with the team.

    The Galaxy is now ready for capture and we are busy preparing new flight plans for all projects.

    Aerial Surveys Invests in new LiDAR sensor

    Friday, January 25th, 2019

    Aerial Surveys is very excited to announce the arrival of a new Teledyne Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR system with a PhaseOne IXM RS150mp digital camera for deployment in New Zealand.  This investment is key to supporting the growth of LiDAR in New Zealand especially regional LiDAR programs and high density point cloud projects such as powerlines and forestry projects.  This is the first Galaxy Prime system to be deployed permanently in Australasia and is on the leading edge of LiDAR system technology and efficiency.

    Teledyne Optech Galaxy Prime LiDAR sensor

    PhaseOne IXM RS150mp digital camera


    Aerial Surveys will be capturing RGBI imagery in 5 regions this season

    Thursday, November 29th, 2018

    Following a successful sales campaign this season Aerial Surveys will be capturing 0.3m GSD RGBI imagery in 5 regions this year operating with 2 Vexcel Mapping cameras.  In addition we will be capturing LiDAR in 4 regions which presents a great opportunity to consider obtaining your imagery or LiDAR while we are in the area, saving time and money.  To make an inquiry contact info@aerialsurveys.co.nz


    Survey Pilots Wanted

    Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

    Aerial Surveys is seeking pilots to for aerial surveying in the coming season and beyond. We are considering both permanent and fixed term contract positions.  Our peak months are between September and March but flying does continue all year round.

    The position requires:
    • Qualified CPL with a minimum of 400 hours flying time
    • IFR Rating
    • Type ratings for the following would be highly beneficial – C206 single engine/C402 twin engine/P68 twin engine
    • Current medical certificate

    Airborne survey experience would be a distinct advantage

    Core responsibilities include:
    • Conducting all flying as required and in accordance with Aerial Surveys flight operations manual and CAA regulations
    • Daily Weather management and participation in flying decisions
    • Active participation in aviation safety in the organisation and commitment to building a strong safety culture
    • Some training maybe given for the operation of the various sensors Aerial Surveys operate

    The position offers an attractive level of diversity that makes it rewarding and challenging.
    The remuneration package will be based on the applicant’s level of experience.

    The successful candidate should have good interpersonal skills, attention to procedures and detail, and a strong safety conscious outlook. They will need to work flexibly within a small team where teamwork is paramount.

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