Established in 1977 to provide aerial photography and mapping services, Aerial Surveys Limited (formerly known as GeoSmart) is one of New Zealand’s leading aerial survey and geospatial mapping providers. It is also the only organisation that currently offers a total solution to the market place from supplying hardcopy aerial photography, digital imagery for GIS landbases, full photogrammetric mapping, 3D modeling and remote sensing.

    We can also offer technical consultancy and project management in setting up specialised land and asset management datasets.

    Aerial Surveys has a policy of assessing and implementing new technology where specific technical and economic advantages can be identified. This is evident in the introduction of digital orthophotography into NZ, digital imagery landbases, colour and infrared imagery for resource planning, remote sensing (hyperspectral)surveys for environment management and 3-D mapping.

    Over the last 10 years Aerial Surveys recognised that new technologies were about to bring location based services (LBS) into the public and commercial arena, especially in areas such as in-car and portable navigation, vehicle tracking and fleet management, maps on web sites as well as handheld computers, PDA’s, Smartphones and general mobile phones. In order to capitalise on this, significant investments were made and venture capital partners brought in, to fund the development of the best possible national mapping dataset.

    Amongst other things, developing this dataset involved driving through every public road in New Zealand and collecting a wide database of attributes which were combined with our data collected through aerial photography and other means. We also instigated an ongoing program of data collection of Points of Interest (POI) ranging from cultural and historic locations, geographic and public service locations and business information when we found that such data of suitable quality could not be purchased in New Zealand.

    In March 2007 Aerial Surveys sold it’s mapping database and associated businesses of car navigation mapping, web and mobile mapping, fleet management and hard copy mapping to the New Zealand Automobile Association.

    Aerial Surveys in now clearly focused on expanding it’s core business of aerial surveys and mapping solutions both locally and overseas. It already has a well established national and international client base which has has evolved over the last 10 years covering local authorities, regional councils, government departments, utility companies and specialist areas such as transport, forestry, horticulture, water, pollution and civil defence.

    North & South Island Based

    As part of a national service commitment Aerial Surveys has operational bases in both the North and South Islands Auckland and Nelson. This ensures close liaison with clients and optimum utilization of fine weather periods for the initial aerial photography capture. We operate with two aircraft and both bases are equipped with full processing and printing facilities: the Nelson base is dedicated to black & white work while Auckland is predominantly colour. Our photogrammetric division, sales and marketing and technical support services are Auckland based.

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